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Microblading is Our Specialty!

Microblading is a cutting edge method of permanent makeup designed to enhance the eyebrows. It involves a certified and licensed microblading artist using a hand held tool with a very fine needle grouping to draw individual hairs, creating the illusion of full and perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows.

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Elevate your beauty with our permanent makeup services. From microblading for natural-looking brows to precise eyeliner and luscious lip blush, wake up to effortless perfection every day. Book now for lasting and personalized results.



Brow services encompass a range of treatments dedicated to enhancing and shaping the eyebrows. Services may include Microblading, Powder Brows, Combo Brow, and other techniques to achieve perfectly defined and beautiful brows.

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Thalia Forbes

Permanent Makeup artist at Beauti Lounge 876

My Journey started as a Beauty Therapist. I have been working in the beauty industry for over 9 years. During this path, my love for permanent makeup has developed. It was a great fit to add to my portfolio.

I have been trained amongst the best artists in the beauty industry.

My goals as a PMU artist Is to be very attentive and detail oriented. My service includes but not limited to one on one with my clients ensuring I stay true to the goal and my craft, paying keen attention to the Clients desire and creating beautiful brows that everyone will fall in love with and boost their self confidence.

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Give the gift of permanent makeup to your friends and loved ones! We will take amazing care of them and deliver not only an amazing result, but an amazing experience too!

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Client Reviews

I am so happy I chose Beauti Lounge 876 to have my brows done.
I highly recommend anyone who wants their brows done to choose Thalia to do your brows.
Thalia is very professional and such a great person to talk to. She explained every detail of what she was doing.
The space was very nice and super clean and sanitized.
I am so very happy with my brows, this is definitely the place you want to go to for your brows!!!
The price is great as well!

Linda L.

Thalia made this experience extremely easy and pretty painless. She’s super sweet and kind. She goes over everything extremely well ! I was so nervous to do this. Now I can’t wait to come back for my touch up ! They look AMAZING! if you were ever doubting getting yours done just do it with Thalia !

Megan W.

The moment I met Thalia I was comfortable and excited. Once she finished I was tickled with the results. They are perfect. I can't wait for the end results No more attempts to draw them on. I'm free

Priscilla O.

Thalia is so good at her job and professional.l also love the environment is so cool and comfortable.

Purity C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Makeup – What is it?

Permanent cosmetic makeup is cosmetic tattooing. The specialized techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as “micropigmentation”, “micro-pigment implantation” or “dermagraphics”. The cosmetic implantation technique deposits colored pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis.

Is It Painful?

Most people experience some discomfort. This will vary according to each individual’s pain threshold. There are different methods available, however, to help with discomfort management, including various topical anesthetics that are specifically developed for our industry.

How to ensure my safety during procedure ?

All services adhere to strict OSHA standards for safety and sterilization. Technicians are required to take a blood born pathogens exam

  • Procedure bedding is sterilized before each client procedure.
  • Disposable needle containment system.
  • Pre-sterilized disposable needles which are opened in front of client.
  • Pre-sterilized disposable pigment cups.
  • New gloves between client procedures and throughout your procedure.
  • New wipes, cotton pads and cotton swabs.
  • Hospital grade disinfectant for tables, lamps, instruments and surfaces.
  • Stations and rooms are clean and disinfected after every client.

What Type of Permanent Cosmetic Procedures can be Done?

Permanent Cosmetic procedures can be very subtle or dramatic depending on what you are looking for.

How are Permanent Cosmetic Procedures Performed?

Permanent cosmetics procedures are performed using various devices, including the traditional tattoo coil machines, the pen or rotary machine (includes the digital rotary machines) and the non-machine or hand device. The process includes a consultation, the application of pigment, and at least one or more follow up visits for evaluating the healed design work and color of the pigment.

Can I keep my own brow hair?

Once you and your artist have decided on the best brow shape, any hair within that shape can stay and will only make the work look more natural. Any hair outside the shape can be waxed or tweezed just as you would normally do with your normal brow maintenance.

What If I Don’t Like It?

Although the procedure is considered permanent, these procedures do have flexibility in changing color and shape to some extent, depending on the expertise of your technician. Colors will appear darker immediately following the procedure but will soften and lighten during the healing process. The healing time is different for each individual and procedure. It’s very important to realize that often the new procedure represents something somewhat different; at times color where there was no color at all or very little. It takes time to become acclimated to a new look (very often this applies to eyebrows which were sparse and unnoticeable before the permanent cosmetic brow procedure.)

How could this happen?

  1. Don’t request eyebrow color based on your tinted scalp hair color. That is subject to change and it may affect how you then feel about the color of your permanent cosmetic eyebrows. Eyebrow color should be selected based on your skin undertone and the color of your eyebrow hair (if any.)
  2. Conversely, most well-trained technicians will not perform a procedure if the design and/or color requested by the client is not reasonable. If your requests are turned down by one or more technicians, re-think what you are asking for.
  3. Permanent cosmetics are not easily removed. Make good decisions up front. You can enjoy the liberation permanent cosmetics provides when you do your research and choose a qualified professional that you work well with.
  4. How long will the procedure take? Two to three hours; there are records to establish; photographs to take; desired design and color to discuss; the procedure to perform; and the aftercare requirements to discuss. Follow up or color refresher procedures usually do not require the same amount of time.
  5. Before leaving the treatment room we ensure clients get the result that he or she wants.

Are Permanent Cosmetics Really Permanent?

Permanent cosmetics procedures are considered permanent because pigment is tattooed into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo or colorant (pigment) in general, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance referred to as color re-enhancement or color refreshing. The scientific structure of pigments and the requirement for periodic refreshing is identical to that of tinted hair color; faded material on furniture that may be located near a window and subject to sun exposure; house paint that is exposed to the sun and other environmental elements; pigment implanted in the skin may fade with time. This colorant periodic maintenance requirement is a good opportunity to reevaluate one’s color and design preferences. While the concept of permanent, without any change, may seem like a perfectly good idea, think about how your tastes have changed over the years. From time to time likely you have made subtle or dramatic changes in your clothing preferences, your hair color and style, and if you wear topical makeup, those colors have changed as well. The fact that most people will require periodic color refreshing of their permanent cosmetics is the opportune time to work with your technician to reevaluate your overall appearance profile and determine if any changes are appropriate. Longevity varies from person to person depending on their life style (sun exposure), the color(s) used for the permanent cosmetic procedure, and are also thought to be affected by topical products applied to the skin.

Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?

People who meet minimum age requirements and have the ability to heal properly from minor wounds can benefit from the liberating benefits of permanent cosmetics. Interest in this service spans the young to the more mature; those who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance. It is especially valuable to people who can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities; active people who want to look their best for sports activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics; and those who don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics. Permanent Cosmetics also benefits the vision challenged who have difficulty applying their cosmetics; and others with dexterity related conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors, and busy people who don’t have time to spend applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day and evening.